Welcome to Primrose Fine Art, home to a selection of collectable paintings, original limited edition prints and other fine artworks

Over the years, we at Primrose Fine Art have collected a wide range of artwork from a stable of household known name artists. The benefit of proven names, is hopefully, some stability in the investment.

In the time we have been buying and collecting, prices of most of these have risen reliably; not perhaps astronomically like some modern fashionable names, but steadily, like you might expect of a Blue Chip share.

There are of course exceptions.

David Hockney items have doubled, then doubled again, and are still rising strongly. Items that were £300-£400 back in 2004/5, are more like £1800 nowadays. Similarly, items that were £1200 are more like £5000 today.

Limited signed prints by another National Treasure, John Piper, are also enjoying strong returns and reliable interest.


We attempt to acquire, interesting and quality items, at a fair price, believing that if we provide our collectors with value for money, they will return. No one expects a return in the short term when buying retail, but over time, gains can be had.

Our works are often framed to standards far in excess of the norm, conservation mounted, with ArtGlass or even museum ArtGlass included, and this should be borne in mind when doing price comparisons.

Free insurance valuations are of course offered with all purchases.

Mr Neil P Duguid

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